Minneapolis to Rochester Shuttle – Airport Specific Apps

November 29, 2011Comments Off on Minneapolis to Rochester Shuttle – Airport Specific Apps

Minneapolis to Rochester Shuttle

Airport specific Apps

Minneapolis to Rochester shuttle

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Travelers on the Minneapolis to Rochester shuttle have found that there are a number of great apps available to the traveling public, but some of the most helpful are those specific to the airports themselves. Some have data for airports world wide, others are more for individual airports. Either way, knowing about them gives you options for easing your travel problems.
Airport WiFi
This app specifically helps you find wifi available at an airport. It’s a pretty narrow niche as WiFi becomes more universally available everywhere, but it can be helpful if you need to connect. Airport Wifi is a complete database of over 10,000+ airports all over the world which tells you which airport has FREE wifi. You can quickly search the airports by the three letter airport code or by the name of the airport. The search is smart that if you are unsure of the name, it will filter out the list to help you find what you are looking for.

This app includes information from over 7000 airports and covers details on restaurants, parking, shopping, services, WiFi, and ground transportation. The app also includes Flight tracking and trip features. Users submit checkpoint wait times so you can get an idea of what you’re in for.
GateGuru offers a lot of overlap for iFly with similar information and reviews available. It remains to be seen which app will become the leader in this space.

Airport Specific
If you fly through an airport on a regular basis, you should check to see if they have an airport specific app available. Copenhagen International Airport has an app available which provides the traveler with information specific to the airport, but it has another purpose entirely. This app will track phones which have GPS capabilities. The airport is using the data to spot patterns in airport use and plan to make changes to traffic flow, and staffing of security lines among other issues.

The goHow Airport app has partnered with Minneapolis-St.Paul, Denver, and Logan airports to provide comprehensive real time information for each location. You can get up to date info on current weather conditions, parking availability, security wait time. It can also provide data about flight status, gate location, and ground transportation options. Travelers provide ratings and reviews on restaurants, shopping and services. This app combines the best of map information, and well as airport specific real time data.

Airports have been slower to adopt real time apps than airlines have been, but the landscape in the industry changes quickly. Keep an eye out for apps for your frequently utilized airports as this will give you the most accurate picture of your traveling day.

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