A Rochester Shuttle Service

Rochester shuttle service

A Rochester Shuttle Service – Go Airport Shuttle

Go Rochester Direct is a Rochester MN Transportation service between Minneapolis Airport (MSP) and Rochester locations like Mayo Clinic, IBM, and hotels.

Rochester shuttle service reservation

Reserve your seat

  •  Save money on airfare, parking and gas
  • Save time with more flight options at the
    Minneapolis St Paul Airport
  • 19 departures daily, with convenient pick-up and
    drop-off sites
  • 17+ years of service to Rochester & the Mayo Clinic
  • Rochester home pick-up and drop-off available –
    Call us for details (800) 280-9270
  • HotSpot on all vans –
    Free Wi-Fi during your entire ride!


Rochester shuttle service reservation

Productive and Entertaining Travel

Every van is equipped with FREE Wi-Fiorder plavix prescription. Now you can use your travel time to connect to the internet for productive work, socializing, or entertainment.

Home pickup

You can be picked up or dropped off right at your Rochester home. No need to bum a ride from friends or family. This service is provided through Med City Taxi and can be arranged through an easy phone call to us for your shuttle reservation. 280-9270.

Travel the World

GO Rochester Direct is a locally owned shared ride van service, but we are now partners in the GO Airport Shuttle network, the world’s largest ground transportation company. For your ground transportation needs at over 100 airports, visit Go Airport Shuttle.

Ride the Rails

Go Carefree Shuttle is now offering service between Rochester and Winona/La Crosse 7 times a day. You can now easily get to the Amtrak station and Ride the Rails

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

You might love to travel or it might be required of you even if you don’t love it. But every time you get on an airplane, your carbon footprint gets bigger. But what exactly IS a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the measure of the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere as you go about your daily life.  Carbon dioxide is  the major man-made global warming greenhouse gas and just about everything you do affects it: turning on a coffee maker, driving a car, buying food or taking a ride on a passenger jet.

Air travel accounts for about 3.5 percent of the human contribution to global warming, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The good news is you can offset — if not eliminate — your carbon footprint by making choices that can even save you money.

Making these kinds of choices has become a growing trend among people who want to reduce the size of their carbon footprints. At the same time, they must grapple with the question of whether their actions really make any difference.

Some actions are simple and low-tech like using fabric shipping bags instead of plastic, taking shorter showers or combining trips for errands.  Others involve a bigger investment in cost or  lifestyle changes like selling your car and using public transportation or installing solar panels in your home.

One easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to use shared ride on the way to the airport.  For every person in our Rochester shuttle service, it’s one car off the road and reduces emissions.

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